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Coffee Shop

No Cypriot village would be complete without at least one coffee shop (kafeneio). Apparently, when Pano Arodes was thriving, there were 8 or 9 of them. Now we’re reduced to just one behind the church, run by Akis and his wife Myria. There are usually elderly men to be seen from about 7.15 in the morning, playing tavli or cards, discussing their goats, their crops and generally putting the world to rights.

The post is now available at the coffee shop where any new letters will be found laid out on a table (or in a cardboard box!)

The postcode for Pano Arodes is Paphos 8703.

The kafeneio is also a stopover for the Safari tourists, as apart from the good Cyprus coffee or a cold drink to be had, there are also good, clean toilets available, the opportunity to wander round the village and possibly have a quick ring of the church bell.

Free Wi-Fi access is available in the coffee shop and the village square.

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