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Local shop

Coming into the village on the right is the now closed Co-op bank (the nearest main branch is now in Stroumbi).

A little further along on the left is Spiros’ grocer’s shop which is very small and was built around a growing vine. Spiros sells just about everything you need, such as milk, cheese, bread, onions, matches, as well as diesel for your twin-cab pickup.

Then there are the mobile shops. You will often hear loud hooting and sometimes a voice shouting, ‘Patates, eho patates kai bateeha’ (potatoes, I have potatoes and watermelon) or ‘fresca psaria’ (fresh fish). Some sing, some play a tune; you can buy all your fruit and veg, fish and bakery goods in this way, as well as ice cream and even clothes and plastic tables and chairs. You just have to appear at your door as the van goes by and they’ll stop to sell you their goods.

However, if you live in the village, you’ll rarely need to buy fruit, as your neighbours will bring whatever’s in season and sometimes a few eggs or something they’ve made. The Cypriot people are some of the most kind and generous you’re ever likely to meet.

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